HPV Testing for Men

Men can also be infected by the human papillomavirus (HPV); however there is no approved test for HPV in men.

The human papillomavirus is among the strands that although considered as harmless, can potentially develop into cancer cells. HPV is among the causes of cervical cancer among women and usually, it is transmitted through sexual interaction. Women become more prone to HPV at the age of 30 and above, primarily because their immune system is gradually weakened. This is due to women who typically retire from active lifestyles and sports and those who have settled in becoming mothers or career-oriented people. It is recommended to go through necessary efforts in detecting the prevalence of HPV viruses in the body before it gets cultured and develops into cancer cells.

Efficiency of HPV Tests

One way to detect the occurrence of HPV virus in the body is through HPV testing. This is a breakthrough in science that is able to determine 95% of cervical cancer cases against 55% in pap smears. Although HPV tests are more expensive than the traditional laboratory examinations, this is highly recommended by doctors because of its level of accuracy and speed of results. Before conducting HPV tests, the patient must exercise pre-laboratory routines in order to avoid discomfort and be able to facilitate convenient and fast examinations.

Although HPV vaccines are available for teenagers and people in their early adulthood, it is strongly recommended to undergo the test properly because there are HPV strands that are developed in the latter years of a person’s life.

Men and HPV

Even though HPV is most commonly found on women, causing cervical cancer if not given proper medical attention, it can also be acquired by men, through sexual interaction. In the past years, there is only a small percentage of the male population infected with the HPV virus. But in recent years, the numbers are growing, and yet there is still no available HPV test for them. Despite that, a HPV vaccination can be taken by men aged 17 and above.

HPV virus also has severe effects on the male reproductive system. Among its symptoms are genital warts, anal cancer, penile cancer, and oropharynx. These symptoms are very much similar to that of HIV and although there are no available HPV tests for men, they can undergo anal pap examinations which are usually taken by gay or bisexuals. Also, genital warts can be treated by over-the-counter creams and antibiotics coupled with routine check-ups with the doctor.

There are HPV vaccines which are intended specifically for 11 to 12 years old, 21 years old, and 26 years old. These types of vaccines are taken by gays and bisexuals who have had sexual intercourse with other males. There are no HPV tests run for males yet primarily because studies on this are still verified to fit the anal cancer tests. It may also be factored that since bisexual relationships are discreet in many countries, it would be hard to conduct sample tests on them, thus, impeding the development of HPV tests for men.