What Does a Positive HPV Test Mean?

Find out what you should know if you have gotten a positive HPV test result.

Will you get cancer by acquiring positive HPV test? Women should understand its full implications before jumping into any conclusion. Certain news reports say that a positive test result implies that you can develop cancer in the cervix. This is not always the case after all. While infections caused by Human Papilloma virus is liable for majority of cervical cancer cases, majority of women who get HPV do not necessarily contract this disease.

Only a minor percentage of those who develop irregular results from Pap smear eventually become afflicted with cancer. The positive test for HPV denotes that you know the importance of regular tests for cervical dysplasia since probabilities are higher than women who are not bothered by HPV symptoms. Females, who opt for regular HPV tests and timely treatment, can expect to prevent even the most acute effects of this illness.

Dysplasia in the region of the anus is often referred to in medical parlance as anal intraepithelial neoplasia. When this happens, it results in the development of new anomalous cells in the inside layer of the anus. This malady can be discovered through Pap smears. Some observers believe that anal and cervical marks should be checked regularly especially for persons with high risks.
These are people who have engaged in anal contact, women with cervical intraepithelial neoplasia and anyone with hundreds of CD4 cells which are part of the human immune system.

Consequences of Positive Test Results

What are the effects if someone tests positively for Human Papilloma virus? The physician or nurse has the responsibility of explaining to patients the whole process and what to expect about HVP. If you acquire this sickness and undergo the usual Pap smear tests, there are two alternatives open to you. You may be asked to go through the HPV test and Pap smear after one year. In nine out of ten cases, the virus leaves the human body within one to two years. When these combined tests turn out to be positive, you can return to normal tests.

Another possibility is for you to test for HPV 16 and 18 or both because these are the strains that normally bring about cancer of the cervix. You will be made to submit yourself to more examinations if the results are affirmative. You can also wait for another 12 months and take the combined exams if the previous test is negative.

Are there chances for you to be afflicted again with HPV after it leaves your body system? The answer is yes. There are numerous modes of this disease so your body is susceptible to acquire a different type or another strain although the risk is generally very low. Women with the Human Papilloma virus and the standard Pap test have minimal chances of having pre-cancer cells. Current research in the medical sector revealed that only four out of 100 women face the risk of acquiring cervical cancer. This ratio can even be lower if the females make it a point to undergo the required testing religiously.